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SNIPERsignals™ The Ultimate Signal Generator For Binary Options and Forex Based on a Support and Resistance Strategy With Multiple Time Frame Trade Confirmation Ability

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Jannie Barwise Creator of SNIPER and founder of FX Lounge

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Low Volume, High Probability Setups

Your SNIPER License Key Purchase Includes:

  •  On-Screen Expiry Display 
  • Exact Entry Level On-Screen Display 
  •  ITM/OTM counter 
  • Installs on MT4
  • Multiple Time Frame Confirmation Ability 
  • Strike Rate Display Adjustable to Suit Broker 
  • Expiry Time Adjustable to Suit Time Zone 
  • Triggers 5 pips before the strike rate (Adjustable) 
  • Low Number of Signals to Ensure Highest Probability of Success 
  • Easy To Use For Beginners 
  • Produces Signals 24 Hrs a Day 
  • 73% Successful Trades 
  • 24 Month License 
  • Two Terminals Per License 
  • Full Support And On-Going Training 
  • 12 Month Free Access To Signals Group 
  • Works Out Just $2 Per Trading Day! 
  • No Hidden Fees or Broker Sign Up Requirements. 
  • No Monthly Fees 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Only 1,000 Licenses for SNIPER will be issued 


How Does It Work?

First of all, SNIPER is based on a Support and Resistance Strategy which in our 12 years of trading experience, is one of the most reliable strategies in Binary and Forex Trading to deliver a high percentage of successful trades, consistently over time (above 70%). 


SNIPER will filter through many possible support and resistance areas across as many currency pairs as you like and will only trigger on the highest probability set-ups based on a number of specific criteria. 

Once a high probability set-up has been identified by SNIPER, it will paint on the screen the exact entry level and the exact expiry you need to select on your broker platform for the trade. 


Have a look at this example: 

In the example above, SNIPER identified a number of possible resistance areas in a down trending market. However, as you can see, it only identified one opportunity that met all the specific criteria. As soon as it identifies an opportunity, it will alert 5 pips before it reaches the Strike Rate (the level where you need to enter) which gives you plenty of time to find the pair on your broker’s platform, select the expiry displayed on screen and to enter your trade size. SNIPER will only post the last 3 digits of the pair to make it easier on the eye. 

Let’s have a look at a few more examples.

In the example above, SNIPER identified this pair to be trending and as you can see, 3 possible support areas have been identified and SNIPER triggered the highest probability trade out of all. If any of those support areas did not meet the necessary criteria, SNIPER will not have triggered a signal at all. 

Let’s have a look at some more examples. 

The signal identified by SNIPER in the image above is another great example of how SNIPER looks at all the possible support areas in the up trending currency pair and only triggers the highest probability trade of them all. SNIPER will not identify more than one opportunity on the same pair until the current signal has reach its expiry. In this case 11:00

Here’s some more examples:

Fully Adjustable Settings

You will receive settings on how to use SNIPER for best results based on 30min trades. SNIPER allows you to line up different time frames in two different settings. For example, you can ask SNIPER to only look for support areas when the 5 min and 15min Moving Averages are both in an up trend. At the same time you can ask SNIPER to add additions to the already criteria for example you can set it so it will only alert a call when price is trending up on the 5min and 15min time frames but you want price to trade at the lower end of he bollinger bands on both the 5min and 15min time frame as well to further increase probability of success. 

Full on-going training will be provided to help you get the best out of SNIPER.

ITM/OTM Counter

As soon as the trade expires, SNIPER will count the trade either as an ITM or an OTM based on the outcome of the trade. Every pair will have its own ITM/OTM counter on the chart itself. This is a great feature if you want to test the outcome of different settings.

How We Make Sure You Mirror Our Results of 70% 

You’ll get great results by just following the trading ideas identified by SNIPER. However, there will be a losing trade or two that you can avoid by taking full advantage of the on-going training and support that’s included in your purchase of SNIPER.

We will show you the best times to trade and the times you should rather switch off your PC. You’ll be part of our community of traders where we share our entry levels on the latest signals as well as the results on expiry.

(ITM = successful trade, OTM = Unsuccessful trade)

Image above: Traders posting the levels they got it in at plus their results at expiry.

Image above: Another example of traders posting their entry levels as well as their results at the end of expiry. 

Image above: As you can see in the last comment, some of the trades gets recorded to take you through the decision making process.

We don’t always get it right though.

Image above: Traders commenting their entry levels plus the result at the end of expiry. In this example, we had a losing trade (OTM).

We don’t always get it right but we get it right more than 70% of the time.

The stats above are based on trades identified by SNIPER over the course of 3 weeks. Total of 40 trades with 29 successful ITM’s which gives you a 73% success rate. SNIPER produced more than double the amount of signals but the signals group is only active between 9am GMT and 4pm GMT.

Based on the results above, if you started with $250, you will have made $268,75 in profit which means your account will have grown from $250 to $518,75.

It’s not quite the many thousands of dollars most Binary Options Robots or signal providers claim you could make, but it’s realistic.

We don’t believe in getting into many trades, we believe in getting in low quantity, high quality, high probability trades. It’s the only way we know of that truly works.

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